Adam Boyd
Adam Boyd is a partner at Sandler Training in Austin ( Salespeople often struggle with prospecting, failing to consistently find new opportunities. When they finally get to propose, they end up hearing things like "I'll think it over" or "your price is too high". The rep ends up "chasing" for an answer that does not come quickly, making forecasting difficult. Using a highly interactive style, Adam demonstrates why this happens and how to avoid this trap.

Aiden Cohen
Aiden's background includes contracts, continuous improvement and project management in municipal government, aerospace, real estate and small business sectors. As a Program Manager for Austin Resource Recovery, Aiden is responsible for implementing the City of Austin's Universal Recycling Ordinance and helping businesses save money by applying sustainability and Zero Waste best practices. Aiden is available to speak about developing innovative, cost-effective solutions to reduce the amount of trash businesses send to the landfill.

Anthony Gonzales
Anthony Gonzales, Principal of Spire Consulting Group, has successfully provided construction consulting services on over 200 projects totaling over $50 Billion. He speaks on construction management related topics, including planning, cost, schedule, claims avoidance and risk management. Anthony is a Lecturer at The University of Texas at Austin, has been recognized by ENR Magazine as a "Top 20 Under 40 A/E/C Professional and awarded the Austin Under 40 Award for Engineering, Architecture, and Design."

Artie Berne
Artie Berne of ArTex Funding is an expert on alternative working capital, cash flow and private debt funding. ArTex Funding helps fund companies that are young and growing, also funded established companies having financial problems. Artie speaks about various programs for funding problem situations that cannot be addressed with conventional financing. Alternative funding tends to be more creative and flexible. Artie also speaks about how working capital single collateral asset based lending can help companies in growth, transition or distress in need of turnaround financing.  Please contact Artie directly. or call 512-261-0024

Bob Kehoe
Bob Kehoe, President & CEO of Leverage Marketing, has over 17 years of experience in digital marketing and technology. His adventure began before Leverage when he co-founded a real estate software development company and grew its revenue from $500K to $7M annually. Bob has helped 1000s of companies across multiple industries to achieve business goals through online marketing. His jovial persona makes for an entertaining presentation on business growth through digital marketing, whether it be specific (PPC for B2B) or general.

Bob Zukis
As CEO of Bloomfire and author of SOCIAL INC., Bob Zukis is a technology leader with decades of experience helping companies use information technology to improve productivity and drive innovation. A frequent speaker on the topics of corporate IT, the future of business and social technology governance, Zukis was named one of the Financial Times' Agenda Digital 50 and currently serves as a senior fellow with The Conference Board.

Bonnie Caver
Reputation is a competitive advantage. Bonnie Caver, a 20-year communications veteran, is the President of Reputation Lighthouse, a strategic communications firm. Bonnie speaks and trains on communications topics, especially focused on helping company leaders align business objectives and desired business results to drive reputation advantage. Her speaking engagements range from luncheons to workshops and consulting sessions for organizations, teams and executives. She is a Certified Crisis Manager from the Institute of Crisis Management and is one of few in the world to hold an advanced certification in reputation management through the Reputation Institute.

Carl Stuart
Carl Stuart is a registered investment advisor representative. Since 1995 he has hosted Money Talk heard Sunday's at 4:00 PM on News Radio KLBJ. The world of financial and investment planning is a confusing one. Carl brings more than 35 years of experience to these vitally important issues. How do you obtain financial independence? What should you do in today's uncertain environment? Carl explains the key decisions and their consequences with plain everyday English and humor.

Cassaundra Melgar – C'De Baca, MBA
As an Army Brat and an Air Force Veteran with an MBA in Marketing and International Business, Cassaundra has developed a team of leaders who provide resources, support and mentoring to women of all military eras, all branches of service and the women in military families — moms, spouses, sisters and daughters. Cassaundra has a passion for building bridges through her organization, the F7 Group — linking active duty women and spouses and eliminating the language barrier between military and civilian entities.

Christian Goy, Managing Director
Can anybody really tell you why a customer buys your product? Really why? In the Behavioral Science Lab we approach every client's challenge through the lens of behavioral economics. While most marketers focus on consolidation, we combine deep and big data to reveal the full complexity of what really influences people's decision process. Topics include: Behavioral economics, The new marketing paradigm, Smart data is the new big data, It's not about B2C, B2B but H2H (Human to human).

Chuck McQueary
Chuck has served in the role of CEO, COO, CFO and Director of both large and small companies. Chuck is a CPA and has held leadership roles in the healthcare industry and served on boards in the manufacturing, aerospace, steel, multi-level marketing, and plastic molding industries. Speaking topics include: Leadership; Corporate Turnarounds; Strategic Planning; Cash Flow Management; Board Selection and Governance; Managing Board/Management Relationships; and Raising Capital.

Clay Little, AIA
Have an underperforming asset you'd like to reposition? Clay Little, AIA, has participated actively in shaping the urban landscape through Austin's rapid-growth years, and can help you evaluate your options. He is sought after by developers and commercial brokers for his expertise in repositioning undervalued properties for optimal marketability in a competitive investment environment. From early-stage consulting through design and construction, Clay is a trusted resource among Texas business leaders who understand that well-designed projects also produce strong ROI.

Clint Greenleaf
Clint is a speaker and author who presents on entrepreneurship, leadership, and personal finance. He also coaches parents on how to teach their children about money and create financial awareness. As a CPA and proven entrepreneur, Clint blends personal stories of company growth with key lessons learned and recoveries from mistakes. His book "Give, Save, and Spend with the Three Little Pigs" is on Amazon, and "Beyond the Piggy Bank" will be out in 2015.

Courtney Clark
Courtney Clark is the luckiest unlucky person in the world.  At age 26, Courtney beat melanoma.  But five years post-cancer, routine follow-up scans detected an aneurysm in her brain. Courtney's audiences love her techniques for bouncing back, letting go of the plan, and finding resilience when life, love, or work throws you a curveball. Courtney's presentations are designed to help individuals and businesses adapt to change and crisis when the stakes are high.

David Hawks
David Hawks is CEO and Founder of Agile Velocity, which was named Best Places to Work by ABJ. David is passionate about helping organizations become highly productive and successful. Known for his fun, interactive, and practical training style, David speaks to all roles within organizations about team dynamics, maximizing team-member engagement and servant leadership. He is an expert in Agile Software Development and the only Certified Scrum Trainer and Certified Scrum Coach in Texas.

Elizabeth Christian
As the longtime owner of one of Austin's most successful public relations firms, Elizabeth can address a variety of issues, ranging from leadership to the business climate in Central Texas to using PR to build a company's bottom line. Depending on the audience's level of interest and the format of an event, Elizabeth can work from a PowerPoint presentation or she can present in a keynote style.

Elizabeth Quintanilla
Elizabeth is a positive, people-oriented,  Marketing Gunslinger, consultant, and speaker who focuses on understanding the customer perspective. She consults on: market research, messaging, channel strategies, understanding the impact of emerging business trends, web technologies and strategies, social, and product marketing.  Elizabeth actively serves as a Vice-Chair on the Austin Community Technology and Telecommunications Commission.  
Twitter:  @equintanilla

George Zoumer
For most companies, reducing the cost of occupied real estate is high on the CFO's agenda. Traditional studs and drywall construction methods are ill equipped to reduce those costs without impacting the quality and functionality of the space. There are 21st century solutions that can reduce the initial and downstream cost of building out that space, delivering it faster, with better quality and enhancing the productivity and flexibility of the work environment. We can help.

Gerald Tempton
Gerald Tempton, President of Liquidation Channel, has held key positions for many top US retailers. He is an industry expert on inspiring Millennials and Baby Boomers in the same workspace, understanding diversity's TRUE value, and the behaviors to foster the transition from near extinction to high-growth profitability. A Texas State University Summa Cum Laude graduate, Gerald's expanded education through graduate studies and special certifications emphasized Global Management, Public Administration & Policy, and Human Performance Technology.

Ghassan Salman, MD, MPH
Since 1952, The Austin Diagnostic Clinic has been growing to meet the medical needs of Central Texans. We are an independent group of 125 board-certified doctors, practicing in 19 medical specialties at 9 locations. I am passionate about providing compassionate care and excellent service in health care. With so many changes in health care, I welcome the opportunity to share what we are doing at ADC to improve patient care and quality in our community.

Heather Summers
Heather Summers is certified in Microsoft Office and Google Business Apps. Heather works with businesses so they can be more efficient with their devices and technology. She has taught at DeVry, Software Academy, and St. Edward's Professional Education Center.  Heather teaches classes for Coolhead Tech, Chicago Title, Dale Carnegie in Austin, BigAustin and the City of Austin's Small Business Development Program.  She is also the prestigious winner of Google Apps in Action contest.

Jay Papasan
Jay Papasan is a best-selling author and Vice President with Keller Williams Realty in Austin Texas. His most recent work with Gary Keller on The ONE Thing has garnered more than 150 appearances on the national bestseller lists including #1 on the Wall Street Journal bestseller list. Before joining Keller Williams Realty, Jay served as an editor at HarperCollins Publishers where he worked on such best-selling books as Body-for-Life by Bill Phillips and Go for the Goal by Mia Hamm. Through his keynote, Jay shares the surprisingly simple truth behind extraordinary results – it's about doing the right thing, instead of attempting everything.

JC Shore
JC Shore is founder and CEO of Circular Energy, one of the fastest-growing solar companies in the southern United States. As such, he is frequently called upon to address the state of the solar industry and to provide thought leadership in the trends and advancements in various business models shaping the energy sector at large. From keynote presentations to panel discussions, he has brought a unique and compelling perspective during the past five years.

Jeff Stec
Jeff's business experience encompasses microprocessor design engineer, Director level manager, aircraft leaseback company owner, teaching at the university level, owning a house painting franchise, and Marketing Consultant.  As a Duct Tape Marketing Authorized Consultant, Jeff helps small business owners put "strategy first" and then build marketing systems using tactics tailored to the unique needs of their businesses.  Jeff speaks about marketing strategy, marketing systems, online/email marketing, and applications of technology to business process.

Jeremy Solomons
Jeremy is a deeply knowledgeable, witty and dynamic speaker, who focuses on the practical aspects of being an effective leader in a rapidly changing and multicultural world. His main topics are Diversity & Inclusion; High Performing Teams; Effective Communication; and Conflict Resolution. His stories and insights are culled from his English upbringing and 35 years of living in seven other countries and working in 40 other countries around the world.

Joe Ross
Joe is an experienced speaker on the topics of cyber security, entrepreneurship and business leadership. With more than 15 years of global corporate management experience, Joe leads CSID's operations. Joe is a frequent speaker and contributor for industry events and publications, including SXSW, The Huffington Post and Entrepreneur.  Previously serving as president of Grande Communications, Ross is a member of the Young Presidents' Organization, and board member of LifeWorks and the Austin Technology Council.

John Oberg
John Oberg is a partner at Sandler Training in Austin ( It's not uncommon for a well-managed company to experience 50% turnover within their sales team. They interview good candidates who have what appears to be a strong resume and track record. Once they are hired they struggle to find new opportunities and advance deals in a predictable manner. The fact is that they were doomed from the start. Any hope of them making it is sabotaged by five hidden weaknesses that John will share with the audience.

Kacie Swartz
Kacie does the surprising – she makes financial planning interesting! With an emphasis on the easy to implement "Order of Savings Checklist", Kacie entertains while explaining some of the most important opportunities for wealth accumulation you may not be using. Additional specialties include retirement planning for younger workers, how to save for today and tomorrow at the same time, and empowering women to take control of their investments.

Karl Scheible
Karl Scheible is the president of Market Sense; an Austin-based Sandler Training Center ( Karl hosts interactive sessions for senior executives and sales teams on how to increase the performance of the sales organization through innovative sales management and proven sales strategies. Topics include improving forecasting, negotiating, increasing margins and shortening the sales cycle. Over 300 Austin companies, including six INC 500 winners and 24 Austin Business Journal's "Fast 50" winners are currently using Sandler sales and management principles.

Kenneth Jennings
A lifelong serial entrepreneur since starting his first sales venture at the age of 13, Kenneth has since founded more than 40 businesses. One of his latest bootstrap startups is Mr. Rekey, "America's largest residential locksmith," offering franchises around the country, and currently serving 500+ cities and towns. His high energy speaking style is as charismatic as his charming personality. Kenneth is an expert presenter and coach on leadership, business processes, growth, management, franchising, entrepreneurship and branding.

Lance Vaughn
Lance Vaughn is the Founder/CEO of CabForward, a web and mobile software development company, and President of the LoneStarRuby Foundation, a nonprofit with a mission of building a stronger software development community. He graduated from Purdue University in 1993 with a major in Information Systems and is an award-winning technology consultant. Lance is available to speak on open source and custom software development, rugged software, and the intersection of Technology, Innovation, Disruption and Entrepreneurship.

Mark Graban
Mark Graban is an inspiring and dynamic speaker on topics including healthcare improvement, employee engagement, and quality. He is the author of two award-winning books, Lean Hospitals and Healthcare Kaizen. With a background in engineering and business, Mark can share proven management methods that can apply in manufacturing, healthcare, software companies, and other industries – including how to reduce waste and how to engage all employees and managers in creating a culture of continuous improvement.

Mick Normington
Employers are asking for different kinds of workers and skills since the Great Recession. We will show data on which industries have added workers in a region's past, show the specific occupations in demand in a community now, show projections on the occupations expected to grow later this decade, and discuss skills company executives say they want. We'll also show how finding a job and keeping a job is a balance between will and skill.

Mike Robertson
Mike Robertson is an award-winning speaker, author, and storyteller. His unique blend of humorous insight and motivation make him what you always hope a speaker will be: memorable, entertaining and challenging. A member of the National Speakers Association, Mike's major theme is creativity and his passion is helping others awaken the creative abilities already within them. His topic is adaptable for every group and his hilarious, thought-provoking style will charm any audience.

Myles Weynand
Myles Weynand joined Market Sense after a successful internship where he mastered the art of cold calling. Prior to working with Market Sense, Myles worked in construction management. Myles received his BBA in General Business with a concentration in Finance from Texas A&M University and his MBA from the Acton School of Entrepreneurship in Austin. Myles, an Austin native, is actively involved with the Austin Chamber of Commerce as well as the Young Men's Business League.

Operational Strategies
We are a consulting firm in Central Texas that understands the issues facing business owners today, and offer solutions through our training and consulting programs. Our team is available to speak to organizations on topics that are relevant to today's business climate. Some examples: Generation Gaps in the Workforce; Team Building; Talent Management; Innovative Thinking (Six Thinking Hats©); Leadership and Management Development.

Patti DeNucci
Patti is a communicator, connector, and business socialization expert and the award-winning author of The Intentional Networker: Attracting Powerful Relationships, Referrals and Results in Business.  Patti works with organizations, leadership teams, and motivated individuals who want to build strategic connections and relationships with greater purpose, polish and presence so they can become more visible, engaged, collaborative, and successful.  Patti facilitates engaging interactive breakout sessions, workshops, and group discussions and offers other speaking, coaching, and consulting services.

Q Manning
It says a lot about a company when the CEO is also the Creative Director. Q Manning draws from his expertise in design, film making, and management, honed after 15 years as a leader in the technology industry. His purpose when founding Rocksauce Studios was to build a team of amazing designers who would ensure every project that comes through Rocksauce Studios is as beautiful and functional as possible. He taps into the together to craft projects that work on multiple levels. Q believes the more varied and creative the team, the more exciting and innovative the solutions. Q has spoken to numerous audiences and has engaged filmmaker mentality of bringing a collaborative and diverse group of talents.

Randy Finch
Randy Finch is a veteran investment banker whose business advice is based in success. From working as a CPA at Deloitte and Grant Thornton, then founding his own energy services company and selling it for $150MM, Randy has a deep understanding of what it takes to run successful businesses. He speaks on diverse financial subjects including getting investment for your business, mergers, acquisitions, structuring a business, selling a business, energy markets, oil and gas business landscape and private equity

Richard L. Weinberger, PhD, CPA
Richard L. Weinberger, PhD, CPA, is the CEO of the Association of Accredited Small Business Consultants that provides certification to individuals who demonstrate a proficiency in small business consulting. He is also the author of a new book, Propel Your Small Business to Success: Accelerated Actions to Maximize Profit, which is a step-by-step method for small business owners to review and analyze all aspects of their company to improve operational efficiency and increase profitability.

Rick Jones
Rick Jones serves as CEO of LSO. Jones has 30+ years of experience in transportation, supply chain and logistics. He started his career with UPS in 1984 and during his more than 22 years there held several senior leadership positions in operations and engineering with both UPS and UPS Supply Chain Solutions. He later joined Sanmina-SCI, an Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider as Vice President, Global Logistics Solutions.

Robb Gaynor
Robb heads up the product development and marketing organizations for Malauzai Software. He is uniquely positioned to speak as an industry expert on mobile and digital banking technology, trends and payments. His 25 years of banking experience coupled with his entrepreneurial and product development background make him the ultimate diverse presenter. He is an advocate of disruptive technology and the value that "little data analytics" can deliver to drive improvements. Robb is a champion of the underdog and believes that mobile is a differentiator and can deliver game changing results.

Ron J West
Ron has successfully led the transformation of companies in Europe and the USA and discovered about fifteen things you as a leader need to know to successfully change your own wiring. Then you can change the cultures of your entire enterprise so we can make a difference in the world. Unless, of course, you are happy with the way things are. All this delivered passionately by a transplant now citizen with a lovely English accent!

Shari Wynne Ressler
Shari Wynne Ressler is dedicated to connecting people to what they need to succeed.  Shari is the Founder/Managing Director of Incubation Station, an accelerator of young consumer product brands dedicated to ignite and accelerate entrepreneur success.  She is also the Founder/Managing Partner of MWR Legal, a law firm representing and connecting entrepreneurs, investors, start-ups and emerging companies. Mrs. Ressler focuses her practice on legal-related business growth and development matters, as well as connection to critical resources.

Steve Zbranek
Entertain, then Inform!  This 36 year, Austin Hall of Fame Homebuilder keeps audiences in stitches while examining Customer Service of yesterday, and today.  Driven by his desire to provide exceptional customer service, Steve finds common ground with large and small groups and everyone leaves his presentations feeling better than when they arrived with strategies that they can employ within the hour.  This two time Chamber of Commerce Chairman gets it, and shares insightful information hilariously.

Teri Hill, M.Ed.
Looking for high impact? Teri incites action while educating and entertaining. Topics include Leading Across Generations, Legacy Building, Accountability, Radical Responsibility, High Velocity Leadership, Best Year Yet, and Accelerating from Good to Great. Bringing over 20 years experience speaking, consulting, and coaching leaders, Teri has facilitated executive education for Fortune 500 companies and coaches corporate leaders and small business owners. She is Trusted Advisor and Expert Speaker for Vistage International and member of National Speakers Association.

Todd Ross Nienkerk
Todd's presentation expertise includes technology, leadership, business processes and team motivations. An innovative, creative and captivating leader, he has been involved in the web design and publishing industry since the early days of the web. In 2006 he started Four Kitchens, an award-winning web design consultancy firm. He serves as a mentor for other companies in the web industry, and has spoken at 35 conferences around the world on topics ranging from new technology trends to improving business processes.

Trey Halbert, Principal, CLS Partners
Trey helps organizations align their mission, values and business objectives with their employee benefits program. Before joining CLS Partners, Mr. Halbert was a Senior Vice President with one of the nation's largest employee benefits firms. Trey also held key positions with several notable insurance companies. He speaks on a range of topics, including Human Resources (Total Rewards and Incentives), Employee Benefits (Self-Funding, Captives, Alternative Risk Strategies, Wellness, Affordable Care Act "ObamaCare" and Non-Profit Strategies) and Leadership.

Wade Allen
The stakes are raised extremely high when you hire an executive … so how do you reduce this risk?  Wade has a keen, innate ability to convey his own personal experiences – specifically how to drive a profit – to help companies successfully enhance their enterprise.  He has personally helped drive company growth in start-ups and turnarounds to Fortune 50 by applying his blend of executive management, board, sales, marketing and development skills.

Zero Waste Business Speakers Bureau
Austin Resource Recovery helps the business community identify waste reduction and cost savings opportunities, and provides Zero Waste education and technical assistance to help businesses meet City of Austin recycling requirements. Consulting on supply chain management, workforce engagement, contract negotiation, and shared best practices, our Zero Waste professionals help Austin's business community realize a healthy triple bottom line where people, planet and profits thrive.

Contact Keith Dennis to be included in our next directory at or 512-494-2546.